What people are saying about St. James…

“Welcome to our St James parish website. We are an active Roman Catholic Christian community nestled in the urban setting of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, just outside the city limits of Pittsburgh. Our strengths are our unshakable faith in Jesus Christ, our sense and experience of community, our stimulating Eucharistic liturgies and our commitment to social justice and community outreach. We are intensely proud of our imposing gothic cathedral-like church and of the St. James presence in Wilkinsburg for over 145 years.
Explore our website. And come and share in the St. James faith experience.”
(Father Warren Metzler, pastor, 1981-2016.)

What parishioners are saying:

reasons to come to st james

Church-Poster.pete-watekotte-for-web 2The beautiful thought of a “spiritual spa” immediately brought to my mind the things that happen for me each Sunday.  When Father Metzler talks about peace for places I have been I am moved to think about the many wonderful people I have met in Europe, Asia and Africa.  When the lector talks about caregivers, the ill, the dead, those whose lives are disrupted,  etc, I am moved to say a prayer for specific people I don’t think of often enough.  I know I should do it without the prompting of Sunday Mass, but. . . St. James, with its pastor,  its parishioners, its rich wood, soft light, and strong stone have always been a spa for my soul.  That’s why after 20 years we are still driving a half hour from O’Hara Township to spend time there.  Thanks for this reminder of  how important that time is to me.

  • Father Metzler… about your homilies…I love to listen to them and to take notes.  My understanding of scripture is improved, questions are posed that challenge me, make me think, hope is highlighted and I am always reminded that God loves me and I am never alone.  Your homilies make a positive impact on me.  Just wanted to thank yo u for your sharing and encouragement

What former members of St. James have to say:

  • As much as we’ve tried to find a parish where we’ve felt as at-home as we did at St. James, it has been tough…
  • I am still searching for a St. James clone. I will let you know as soon as I have found a “new home”….
  • Greetings from Kalamazoo!  …. My visit to St. James the Sunday before Christmas was heartwarming. …. In the midst of Wilkinsburg, obviously struggling, St. James is a place of beauty and peace.  God is there and so is a welcoming community.  Thank you for keeping the Faith.  God grant you Peace…

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