Saint James Stewardship Ministry is dedicated to promoting the wise use of God’s given personal and communal resources, including time, talent and treasure, to promote the Kingdom of God through the workings of Saint James Parish as reflected in the ministries of Education, Service and Worship.

Stewardship generally meets on the second Wednesday of the month in the Chapel at 7 pm.   For meeting dates check EVENTS.

Please note: The Financial Report for July 1 to June 30, 2015 cannot be completed.  The diocese changed it method of reporting and the figures needed for the report have not been received.

Stewardship Ministry harnesses time, money and personal resources to assist the parish in its mission.  Specific activities include membership recruitment, building and grounds, fund raising, grant writing, budgeting, Saint James School Alumni, Friends of Saint James and volunteer recruitment.

Stewardship Ministry Goals

  • Study current and future economic needs and challenges in order to determine the resources required to meet them.
  • Oversee deployment of parish assets including time, talent and treasure.
  • Provide resources to support the efforts of other Saint James ministries.

Stewardship Ministry Objectives and Tasks

  • Explore fundraising opportunities.
    • Teach people what tithing means.
    • Explore Lenten activities (dinners and sin box)
    • Explore fun activities to raise money, examples Monte Carlo night, dinners, food fairs, wine and cheese.
    • Identify needs and have donations for those needs.
    • Continue and expand the Alumni Association and holiday cards invitations.
    • Explore using fundraising firms.
    • Explore grants for financing Parish activities.
  • Determine the financial needs of the parish, both operating and capital.
    • Determine the needs of each ministry and have them attach a dollar amount to the needs.
    • As contracts expire, explore alternatives, example utilities.
    • Help with the development of the budget for the parish each year.
  • Evaluate building and grounds status.
    • Do a building assessment and repairs needed and prioritize them.
    • Continue to raise money and repair the church organ.
    • Explore ways to attract membership through alterations to the church campus.
  • Study and evaluate present parish financial processes and procedures.
    • Document current parish processes.
    • Compare parish processes to diocesan guidelines.
    • Develop a concise set of procedures with duties and responsibilities elucidated for parishioners involved.
    • Develop job descriptions.

Stewardship Ministry’s Committees

  • Building and Grounds – responsible for the Parish’s campus and the parish capital needs.
  • Finance – responsible for the Parish’s financial processes and finances.
  • Fundraising – responsible for raising funds for parish needs.

Committee Chairs

  • Buildings and Grounds –Ed Lahoda
  • Finance – Mara Sullivan
  • Fundraising – Mary Crawford