Respect Life Month



October 2:   Collection of baby shower gifts for Mary’s Child program. Items for infants (diapers, bottles, clothes and hygiene) can be placed in the bassinette at the break in the pews.

Open House at the Ministry Center, located behind the church (the former convent) 30 minutes before and after Mass on Saturday and Sunday on October 1 and 2.  The St. James Ministry Center houses our food and paper bank, Mary’s Child, our Health Ministry to pantry participants, and the day to day social services  offered through our Parish Social Minister, Josie Bryant.

October 9:   Youth and Children’s Liturgy at 10 am Mass.

October 16: Liturgy for the Differently abled members of our Parish with Celebrate Life social following S10 am Mass.

October 22:  Communal Anointing of the ill and infirmed, 5:30 pm Mass.

October 22 & 23:  Social Justice Weekend.

October 30:  Harvest Home Dinner in the Chapel after the 10 am Mass.

November 4:  Memorial Mass for deceased members of our parish and their families.